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University students are welcome to join Espressif's internship program. They will work with our mentors, who are highly-regarded professionals in the IoT industry. Outstanding interns will get a full-time job offer, and their internship will count towards their probationary period.

International Student Recruitment

We are a highly diverse company recruiting the most talented graduates in China and beyond. Espressif has branches across mainland China and all around the world. We have employees from nearly 30 countries working together in close-knit teams.

Graduate Training Program

Espressif values ​​the growth of all employees, providing them with
a complete training system and continuous career development opportunities.

Recruitment Process


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What do current employees say about Espressif?

My mentor and colleagues were very helpful and patient while I was becoming familiar with the specific tools and knowledge required to perform my tasks successfully. There is a culture of exploring ideas and developing employees’ technical skills while working on interesting, yet challenging, projects, which has deeply motivated me to rapidly improve my work and hone my skills. I feel very welcomed and encouraged at Espressif.

Working at Espressif for the last six months has been a great experience. I have been able to work on multiple different aspects of our products, covering a wide range of different topics and developing various skills. Being surrounded by very knowledgeable colleagues here at Espressif has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of new topics quickly and efficiently.

Working at Espressif is both fun and meaningful. There is a good team atmosphere here, with direct and effective internal communication. Everyone discusses technology with each other, and I can always learn new things from my colleagues, which helps me a lot. We all share a common goal and make contribution to making better IoT products and building a better IoT ecosystem.

At Espressif, you may experience steep learning curves and feel the pressure of independently leading the collaboration with top-tier brands in the industry. However, here you'll also find a network of professional and passionate team members who eagerly provide help and feedback to all your questions and suggestions. Their passion and dedication to excellence constantly inspire me and aid in my comprehensive growth.

Espressif is a platform full of challenges and prospect. The company grants everyone ample trust, allowing fresh graduates to quickly join new projects and take on tasks independently. At Espressif, mentors are also friends, and everyone is generous to share their experiences. Here, we can absorb various knowledge and achieve more comprehensive progress and development.

At Espressif, more emphasis is placed on efficient work methods rather than meaningless competition of work hours. Everyone has the chance to be exposed to different projects at the same time. While this may bring some challenges, it also provides us with opportunities for rapid growth, allowing us to become an "all-round player" rather than a mere “screw”.

Every day at Espressif is about growth. Within only a few months, I went from being a fresh graduate to an independent developer. Of course, I couldn't do it without the help of my colleagues. We discuss the design pattern of the drivers, and do thorough but not rigid code review. Every step for me is about learning while doing, which improve my coding skill rapidly. Moreover, I often have the opportunity to communicate with other departments, such as hardware and application, to discuss key issues and put forward my own ideas, which is something every embedded software engineer would cherish.

At Espressif, what impressed me the most is the flat team management and the open work atmosphere. Here, we aren't burdened by bureaucracy and can wholeheartedly engage in interesting and valuable work. Personal growth in terms of technical skills and work abilities is self-driven and boundless. Everyone has the opportunity to create significant value.

Espressif is my first full-time job, and for that, I feel very grateful. Here, I have a mentor who is all-around skilled and patient, and I’ve also met a group of like-minded colleagues. Both the corporate culture and working atmosphere of the company are just what I wanted. Since joining Espressif, I have been learning through work, working while learning, and growing up together with Espressif.

At Espressif, everyone is able to focused on their own work, and there's no ineffective competition. Meanwhile, the flat management allows everyone to express their thoughts and opinions. Working at Espressif is also full of challenges; we constantly explore and catch up with the new trends in chip technology. We hope more outstanding individuals like you will join us!

Contests with Espressif Products

Espressif has organized a number of contests and hackathons, showcasing the great potential of ESP32 and ESP8266 to the global maker community. Capitalizing on this experience, Espressif, in collaboration with renowned universities, is planning to embark on an outreach program whose aim will be to help students familiarize with IoT and AI applications.