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We Offer an International Working Environment

We Have Offices Around the World

Espressif has offices in Greater China, Singapore, India, the Czech Republic and Brazil. You can work with Espressifers from all over the world, and have the opportunity to be relocated to one of our overseas offices.

We Safeguard the Quality of Your Professional Life

We Invest in Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Espressif offers its employees a comprehensive CPD program. Supervisors communicate with employees on a regular basis, supporting Espressifers’ short-term and long-term career goals, with plans tailored to the needs of each and every employee. Espressif ensures that all members of staff extend their depth of knowledge, while working for the company.

Abundant Learning Resources

Espressif's Library provides numerous books and papers on the various fields of Information Technology, Economic Management, Philosophy, Career Management, etc. In addition, Espressif has purchased online courses from well-known universities, in order to support its employees’ lifelong learning.

Transparent Employee Promotion System

Espressif's employee promotion system is based on a clearly-structured performance evaluation scheme, in which self-assessment and peer-reviewing play a key role. We make sure that all Espressifers acquire a thorough understanding of this procedure from day one, so that they feel encouraged to make concrete career plans and fulfill their aspirations in as methodical a way as possible.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Espressif offers health insurance, annual health check-ups, maternity and paternity leaves, and a reward scheme that is proportionate to each employee’s productivity.

Workplace Flexibility

Working hours at Espressif are flexible not just for the sake of accommodating our employees’ different commuting needs, but also for coordinating the operation between our international offices. Additionally, we offer business traveling opportunities and a personalized annual leave plan.

Various Activities

We organize a diverse range of activities aimed both at boosting our teams’ collective productivity and at strengthening human relationships within our teams. Such team-bonding is further supported with birthday cakes, sporting events and group traveling.

Other Benefits

We offer a daily meal allowance, holiday gifts, and full assistance with employee relocation if necessary, work-visa sponsorship, etc.

What Our Employees Say About Espressif

Espressif has made Wi-Fi connectivity easier and more accessible by participating in the open-source movement. This brought many people to the community surrounding Espressif’s products and, eventually, the same attracted me to Espressif itself.

At Espressif, I have the opportunity to witness new technologies in the making and contribute to their development. I also find there is a lot I can learn from my colleagues who are involved in Espressif’s in-house chip design from the ground up.

At Espressif, we always try and match our staff’s professional interests with their duties, so they can enjoy their work and fulfill their career aspirations. That’s why our employees are passionate about their work and willing to share their expertise with their teammates for the benefit of the entire company.

The work we do is cutting-edge, as well as rooted in the core fundamentals of systems programming. We are not here to simply provide connectivity solutions, but we aspire to create the kind of technology that can revolutionize the entire IoT industry.

I really appreciate the frankness, respect and hard-working spirit with which my teammates approach our collaboration. Together, we bring our exciting projects to life and we’re not afraid to think big! Espressif is ideal for ambitious problem-solvers who wish to pursue excellence.

At Espressif, I feel comfortable because of the kindness of my colleagues. My voice is always heard, and discussing ideas with everyone, including seniors, is encouraged. The opportunities keep coming, and the scope keeps growing, the satisfaction at the end of each day says it all.

If you believe in green IoT technology and innovation, you can find many like-minded peers here at Espressif. More importantly, you’ll be involved in challenging tasks from day one, and you’ll be given the opportunity to advance your career by contributing to our IoT solutions. Continuous learning is required to keep up with the development of Espressif.

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